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For the linguistically challenged Anglophones among us, and anybody who speaks a language that hasn’t generated a Mainsleaze Spam blogger yet! <G>


Why are you doing this?

The brief answer is that we are publicizing spam by legitimate companies hoping to encourage (or shame) them into stopping it. We got tired of seeing spam in our inbox that blacklists and spam filters somehow kept not recognizing as spam. We got tired of hearing our families, coworkers, neighbors, and friends complain about the same thing.

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Why won’t you tell us what email address was spammed?

Because the spammers would then remove that email address or email addresses, but not quit spamming the email addresses that do not complain. That does not solve the problem; the companies need to stop spamming, not just quit spamming people who go to the trouble of complaining about it.

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What can I do with the information in these blogs?

That depends on who you are, how much you know about email and spam, and how much control you have over your email. Fortunately the source of mainsleaze spam is at least not obscured, so you do not have to be familiar with email headers or the technical details of mail servers to determine who sent the spam to you and where you should complain. Here are a few suggestions:

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But I didn’t mean to spam! What should I do?

You should do the following:

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