February 2024 in Spamtraps: ESPs

So here, at long last, the monthly stats for ESPs in the Koli-Lõks OÜ spamtrap collection. The percentage of ESP spam out of all email received was 13.9%.

Figure 1. ESP spam in Koli-Lõks OÜ spamtraps, February 2024

Or, to put the same in readable text,

#NamePercentageMost prominent customerNotes
0(All others)33.8%
2Salesforce Marketing Cloud14.6%Sam’s Club
3Amazon SES6.0%Terrie O’Connor Realtors
4Intuit Mailchimp5.8%citistore.com.hk
5Emarsys4.5%Costco Wholesale (UK)
6MessageBird SparkPost4.3%Best Target Advertising Ltd (IE)
7Sinch Mailgun4.0%Pandora
8SendCloud (uCloud)3.1%f-avis.topNewcomer in these postings
9Mapp2.7%nextwebbusinessguide.comIncludes eCircle and Blue Hornet
Table 1. List of the most frequently seen ESPs.

The last time SendGrid was NOT number 1 in these stats was May 2021. Incidentally, that’s the previous time this blog was updated.

Amazon SES has more or less permanently taken over from Mailchimp as #3.

The entry of the Chinese ESP SendCloud / uCloud to these lists did in fact happen earlier, but it seems we’ve only tweeted about that at the time.

Here’s a list of the individual customers with the most volume from the whole bunch, their percentages out of the total ESP mail load, their respective ESPs, and their percentages out of their own ESP:

#Customer namePct out of total ESP mailOn which ESPPct out of own ESPName
2viaggioas.com1%SparkPost23.4%Best Target Advertising Ltd, Ireland
4lager157.com0.7%SendGrid3.7%Lager 157
5tocr.com0.6%Amazon SES10.3%Terrie O’Connor Realtors
6nrsc.org0.6%SendGrid3.1%National Republican Senatorial Committee
8samsclub.com0.3%SFMC2.3%Sam’s Club
9costco.co.uk0.3%Emarsys7.3%Costco Wholesale (UK)
10italotreno.it0.3%Adobe Marketo14.2%Italo, Italy’s high speed train
Table 2. List of the most frequently seen ESP customers.

You know where to reach us if you want to ask questions about this (that is, in case you don’t want it discussed in public in the comments to the blog). TTFN!

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