UpCloud – competition is fierce and business prospects dire

Earlier today, the Finnish cloud hosting company UpCloud Ltd (www, biz reg, responsible people) decided they’d start looking for new customers by spamming.

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Hostinger International: fraudulent hosting provider

According to Hostinger International these people have recommended their services:

Too bad none of the people exist (all of the names are phony) and a trivial Google image search reveals that the images are from commonly available image banks, such as “Ida & Paavo”, whose image is cropped from https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/thumbs-couple-happy-stockholm-sweden-excited-220920487.

Don’t trust these people.

Suomen Perintätoimisto Oy: Spammer protected by TeliaSonera

As of November, Suomen Perintätoimisto have been contaminating the customer servers of TeliaSonera (inet.fi) with their spam. They openly admit the use of a purchased list from Bisnode.

TeliaSonera abuse response: “B2B spam is legal.” Perhaps so, but do you want your entire customer base to suffer because you allow a spammer to abuse the facilities used by everyone? Besides, the processing of outdated and erroneous personal information is illegal, and the spamming of natural persons is illegal as well.

The hosts involved are in

Microsoft Office 365: How to spam with impunity

https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj200769%28v=exchg.150%29.aspx is useless. If you want to spam with no action whatsoever from the 800 pound gorilla of email, who are also too large to be added to any blocklists anywhere, sign up with Office 365 and there you go.

Recent player: Markkinointirekisteri.fi, Finnish vendor of spam lists going back at least six years.

Supergo Oy: Spamming

A fairly well established business, Supergo Oy (www, biz reg, responsible people) has recently made the regrettable decision to purchase an email list for spamming.
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Neptura Oy, Credo power Oy, Reality Interactive Oy, Axion Suomi, Rapid Investment Ltd, Spamming, Fraud, And Who Knows What Else

Since a few months earlier, a few interconnected Finnish businesses have been spamming a list that isn’t documented (but is clearly based on Finnish Business Information System data) with messages regarding “your [mobile, Internet, whatever] subscription update” (original Finnish: Liittymäpäivityksestänne) or “Contact” (original Finnish: Yhteydenotto).
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