Suomen Perintätoimisto Oy: Spammer protected by TeliaSonera

As of November, Suomen Perintätoimisto have been contaminating the customer servers of TeliaSonera ( with their spam. They openly admit the use of a purchased list from Bisnode.

TeliaSonera abuse response: “B2B spam is legal.” Perhaps so, but do you want your entire customer base to suffer because you allow a spammer to abuse the facilities used by everyone? Besides, the processing of outdated and erroneous personal information is illegal, and the spamming of natural persons is illegal as well.

The hosts involved are in

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  1. I had already commented on Nov 26, 2016 in the previous post related to the same spammer:

    These days, Suomen Perintätoimisto are spamming from Sonera’s central MXes. Sonera are not only permitting it, but actively encouraging it by apologizing for B2B spam saying it is legal, there is no problem, and even going so far as to identify specific addresses in the YTJ with reference to the companies who have outdated and erroneous data in their business records and using this as a justification for allowing their customers to spam.

  2. I am never shocked when I hear of service providers who are willing to allow abusers to abuse the Internet all in the name of business. Does not surprise me that they are selfish and don’t understand how keeping a healthy Internet is of up most importance.

    Has anyone thought of having a public ledger of all service providers who allow B2B spam?

    Until the governments and policy makers do more, this stuff will always go on and on. A never ending cycle.

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