UpCloud – competition is fierce and business prospects dire

Earlier today, the Finnish cloud hosting company UpCloud Ltd (www, biz reg, responsible people) decided they’d start looking for new customers by spamming.

What I don’t get is why they’re spamming Estonian companies with messages in Finnish. I mean, sure, my name is Finnish, but if you’re deliberately targeting me and my company knowing that I am Finnish even if the company is Estonian, surely you must also have looked up what the company does: monetizing spamtraps and fighting spam, and that spamming this specific company is more or less the marketing equivalent of suicide.

Yet that is exactly what Mr Mikko Karjula (LinkedIn profile referred to in the spam) decided to do.

Dude is advertising hosting services in spam to a company whose raison d’ĂȘtre is detecting such entities and helping others make them disappear. In addition, he’s referring to how they’re domestic to a company that is not in their jurisdiction, so to the company, that’s such a non-value. And it’s in a language that they don’t strictly speaking use on the south side of the bay – if anything, boldly assuming that every Estonian must speak Finnish well enough to do business in it rather gets their goat if I have understood anything at all. But that’s an almost meaningless sideline; the important bit here is that the hosting company just ruled itself out of any business over here, and they’re setting themselves up to be listed as a spammer by anti-spam entities with rather more “oomph” (to quote Bojo) than ourselves – we’re not a blocklist operator, but we hang out in the right circles and talk to the right people.

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