Liberty Capital: Offering Small Business Loans to a Role Address

Liberty Capital, which provides loans and financing to small businesses with less-than-pristine credit, is sending bulk email to a role address that was closed in 2004. Role addresses rarely send email, and almost never ask to receive bulk email. In addition, this address has not been live for eight years. The ESP is Vertical Response.

The Liberty Capital web site is extremely poorly rated in the Web-o-Trust. The only comment currently there indicates that the site has a record of being advertised in spam, but most Web-O-Trust users do not leave comments when rating a site.

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From: Liberty Capital <reply-<xxx>>
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Subject: Business Lending Outlook for 2012
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When a Bank Loan is not an Option

Small businesses have always had trouble with liquidity. Money tied up in receivable, or low volume season, or whatever that might be. Additional working capital can boost your cash flow, but getting it right now is difficult? Many are declined because banks base their evaluations solely on the owner’s credit standing. Others need capital immediately and banks are unable to respond in time. Unfortunately, this deprived millions of business owners capital and some turn to alternatives such as merchant cash advances, which charge exorbitant rates which must convert your processor because that is where they make money etc…

With our new bank partnership, Liberty Capital can now offer business working capital loan on top of equipment financing, merchant cash advance and invoice factoring….


Receive a decision in 2 days
Accept your loan without the hassle of changing your credit card processor
Repay your loan in 12 months
Manage your loan online at any time
Receive funding in as little as 5 business days

Call 888-798-3976!
Apply Now. Get funded in 7 days!



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Liberty Capital Group, inc.
7676 Hazard Center Dr. #500
San Diego, California 92108

One Response to Liberty Capital: Offering Small Business Loans to a Role Address

  1. As of February 20, three weeks later, Liberty Capital is sending at least two advertising emails per week to this spamtrap. Given this company’s reputation for spam, I can’t say that I’m surprised that they are continuing to spam. I *am* surprised that Vertical Response doesn’t appear to have looked into the situation, but it may be that a single spam report doesn’t provide enough information for them to act.

    So — if anybody else is seeing spam from this organization, please report it! 🙂

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