April 2016 in Spamtraps: ESPs (and only a word or two about Social Networks)

ESP mail seen in spamtraps April 2016

ESP mail seen in spamtraps April 2016

The percentage of ESP sent mail vs all mail seen in the spamtraps is back to normal levels, 1.5% this month. Social networks account for 3.9% of all mail, of which nearly 93% is Facebook. Facebook is “only” sending 2.5 times as much mail as all tracked ESPs combined, which would be a reduction of 30%… if it wasn’t the case that ESPs were sending more mail than last month, and Facebook was simply keeping up their old levels.

0 All others 44.5%
1 SalesForce Marketing Cloud 9.8% ExactTarget Rue La La (<4%)
2 SendGrid 8.3% Yelp (<7%)
3 MailChimp 8.2% 83% MC proper, 17% Mandrill (being phased out) Wadi (<4%)
4 Topica 6.1% e-dailydealalerts (<85%)
5 Experian 5.0% Walgreens (<4%)
6 Constant Contact 4.1% Advisor Perspectives (<40%)
7 Amazon SES 3.4% buyvip.com (<7%)
8 Oracle Marketing Cloud 3.0% Responsys, Eloqua and RightNow Team Sportia, Sweden (~9%)
9 IBM Marketing Cloud 2.8% Silverpop The DCCC (<9%)
10 Digital Metrics 2.5% Hard to tell – domain names still look like racchette de neve

Bubbling under: Blue Hornet and Rackspace Mailgun, both at 2.3%. MySMTP is next, and with the anonymous illegal affiliate spammer suomitarjoukset.eu (“finland offers”) making up about 40% of their load, they would have been in line for a spot in the top 10 next month had it not been termed already. (Now it’s just the coinlettersDIGIT.com spammer, which is probably an instanceOf(the same).)

Here’s the “relative badness” graph.

Amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, April 2016

Amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, April 2016

Finally, the “top spamming customers” table.

1 e-dailydealalerts Topica 80% 5.1%
2 advisorperspectives.com Constant Contact 39% 1.62%
3 brendawatson.com Blue Hornet 66% 1.55%
4 suomitarjoukset.eu MySMTP 38% 0.6%
5 yelp.com SendGrid 6% 0.5%

I’m going to leave out the social networking bits. It’s too depressing. Facebook is spewing out more than all ESPs combined, and it’s all about getting people to give them access to the address books. Twitter is spamming nearly 30% more than the top ESP. There’s no news to report, and nobody at these two operations gives a damn.

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