ASML (Finnish DMA): Spamtraps are illegal

A little bird told me that the Asiakkuusmarkkinointiliitto (“Customership Marketing Association”, for lack of an official translation) (www, biz reg, register of associations) has posted an anonymous opinion piece that basically says they think spamtrapping is illegal.

As usual with spammers, they’re trying to blame anyone and everyone else for their own shortcomings. Dudes, if you get caught for your spamming, does it really matter to you how it happened?

Comments were open initially, but are now closed, without any of the comments having been posted. I am aware of several quite acrid comments that were posted there (I chose not to) but it appears that none were accepted for publication, and the possibility for commenting has been removed from the article.

Have the guts to stand behind what you’ve said, and “.JPG or it didn’t happen” to all your “suspicions”.

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