eLounari Suomi Oy: B2B spam with too many fails to count

emailmainos.com (literally: “emailadvertisement dot com” in Finnish), a new (Nov 22, 2011) service of Aboanet Oy, is providing ESP services to eLounari Suomi Oy, elounari.fi, whose spam fails in so many respects.

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A Whine About Winetasting.com

Winetasting.com sounds like a really interesting website. It’s a shame that the first time I have heard of them appears to be because they sent me spam. That is pretty uncool; I like wine and buy it every now and again. But I won’t buy anything from anybody who sends me spam. How did they come to have my email address? I suspect the purchased a list. This address was one that I used on some other online store a couple of years ago. The ESP in this case is Cheetahmail.

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Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions

I didn’t receive this one myself. Instead, I noticed it on the Spamhaus Blocklist “Lastest SBL Changes” page.

Looks like a company called “Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions” is trolling for B2B leads and it attracted the attention of Spamhaus, who has now listed the source IP on their SBL. The ESP is Streamsend.

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Wyndham Resorts: Spamming an Additional Long-Closed Email Address

Wyndham hotels and resorts is continuing to send offers to the old, long-closed email address that I blogged about a few weeks ago. In addition, it is now hitting another similar email address. :/ The ESP is Cheetahmail, a subsidiary of Experian.

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Isteer.net: No bounce processing, no RFC2142/5321 required role addresses, no respect for opt-out

Isteer.net, a domain name registered to IPSS-Intelligent Precision Solutions and Services Oy, a Finnish limited company, is an ESP to various Finnish advertisers. They don’t process bounces, they deliberately refuse mail to abuse and postmaster, and they don’t respect opt-out.

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Kuopion Liikekirjapaino: hitting dead addresses, no bounce processing, not respecting opt-out

Kuopion Liikekirjapaino, a business printing house in eastern Finland, is spamming addresses they just might know to have been dead for two plus years and are not taking “no” for an answer. Innoctus, an ESP in Finland, are not processing bounces nor taking precautions to clean their customers’ lists of known dead addresses even when they have been requested to do so.

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Who is Bon-Ton?

Bon-Ton is a chain of department stores, according to Google. I’m not familiar with them. There are definitely no Bon-Ton stores in the city I live in. I’ve never purchased anything from them, online or in store. Yet, they sent me this email via ESP CheetahMail. I smell an email append; this particular spamtrap seems to get personalized spam where people think this address is some other person, based on a faulty database match of some sort.

I personally will not be accepting any more mail from, except to report it to various blocklist groups.

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Sendloop: Maybe not ignoring complaints completely after all

Sendloop.com, a Turkish ESP (a d/b/a of Oktet Bilisim Ltd), provides services to a group of Finnish spammers sending mail to addresses that have been dead for two years plus and ignores complaints.

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This morning I have been looking through my spamtrap collector for mainsleaze spam to report here, to get this blog started. After listing a couple of spams, I looked at the last few spam reports. With one exception, they’re all from Cheetahmail (Experian).

So I just searched the last week’s worth of spam in my spamtrap collector for any spam from IP ranges that I know belong to CheetahMail. In addition to the four spam reports so far, in the past week one or more of my spamtraps have received the following mainsleaze spam from Cheetahmail:

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