Passeli: Selling bookkeeping software to spamtraps

Passeli Ohjelmat Oy (see biz reg), a Finnish manufacturer of financial software for bookkeeping etc, want to sell their products to really quite outdated and erroneous spamtraps. They are using a purchased list from Suomen Asiakastieto. The ESP is Innoctus, whose postmaster didn’t exist about a month ago when I tried to let them know about the need for bounce handling… in connection with spam from Passeli, what else.

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Kuopion Liikekirjapaino: hitting dead addresses, no bounce processing, not respecting opt-out

Kuopion Liikekirjapaino, a business printing house in eastern Finland, is spamming addresses they just might know to have been dead for two plus years and are not taking “no” for an answer. Innoctus, an ESP in Finland, are not processing bounces nor taking precautions to clean their customers’ lists of known dead addresses even when they have been requested to do so.

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