Buckaroo: Emailing Scraped Email Addresses or Purchased List

Today Buckaroo emailed a list of scraped or purchased email addresses advertising its services and requesting the recipients to “claim their Buckaroo Account”. The email addresses that they emailed have not been live for more than ten years, if they ever existed. It appears that Buckaroo scraped old web-based business registries or similar sources of data, or purchased a list from somebody who did. The ESP is Puresend.

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Beach Cove Resort: Emailing 10+ Year old List? Or Purchased List?

Today vacation advertiser Vacation Myrtle Beach sent spam advertising one of their properties (“Beach Cove Resort”) to a number of spamtraps. If these spamtraps were ever live, they were closed over ten years ago. One is almost certainly a pristine spamtrap, and not one that was likely created through a typo. (The spamtrap domain belonged to an ISP.) In other words, this sender is sending to a list that might be old and very poorly maintained, but contains indications of having been purchased or email appended. The ESP is ExactTarget, a subsidiary of Salesforce.com.

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Karachi, Colombia, Sheikh Ahmed, and Filip Poutintsev

Filip’s got a site up on, reachable via his “Colombian” domain. I suppose Worldstream.nl might not entertain him for very long, and I was right, of course.

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Effortia Oy (asuntojenmyynti.fi): Spamtraps, find the cheapest real estate agent!

Effortia Oy, doing business as asuntojenmyynti.fi (www, biz reg, responsible people) is spamming B2B regarding finding the cheapest real estate agents.

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Insinööritoimisto Ecobio Oy: Spamtraps, get your environmental permits in order!

Today’s tirade is on politicos running businesses that involve spamming.

Insinööritoimisto Ecobio Oy (www, biz reg, responsible people, notably a former member of our Parliament) is illegally processing outdated and erroneous personal data from sources illegally left unnamed, and spamming, and doing so partially illegally when targeting natural people who have no business context and whose prior consent the sender does not have.

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Filip Poutintsev, aka Sheikh Ahmed, from Karachi, Colombia is at it again

Aboma Control Oy: Spamming to advertise accounting services

Aboma Control Oy (www, biz reg, responsible people) is using spam to advertise its accounting services. The spam says they are using a purchased list from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. I received a copy of this spam at my business and saw it in spamtraps that qualify as outdated and erroneous personal information (the processing of which is illegal).

The ESP is Hurja Solutions Oy (hurja.fi, e-viesti.fi, qred.fi; www, biz reg, responsible people) whose web pages do not contain anything on the topic of acceptable use.
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QVC: Verifying Email Addresses that Never Responded to Email

Today video and e-commerce retailer QVC sent what appears to be a re-engagement or verification email to a pristine spamtrap. The spamtrap probably got onto QVC’s list because the user typoed the real email address when subscribing. The email indicates that the user has not responded to emails “recently”, and asks for the user to indicate whether they want to stay on QVC’s list. The ESP is Cheetahmail, a subsidiary of Experian.

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Target Spams Email Appended List with Data Breach Notice

U.S.-based retailer Target, which recently suffered a massive data breach, has responded to that breach by hiring an email appender to append scraped email addresses (some of them closed for over a decade) to their customer list. Target then spammed that appended list over the past few days. The ESP is Epsilon, via its subsidiary Bigfoot Interactive.

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Justin Perintä Oy: Acc Consulting Oy expanding into debt collection, and spamming

The people behind Acc Consulting Oy appear to have set up a new business, Justin Perintä Oy (www, biz reg, people responsible), to branch into debt collection, and predictably, started using their time-honoured methods to advertise their services.

As usual, their Internet service providers, Saunalahti (a d/b/a of Elisa Plc), Kotisivut.com, and Nebula are doing their damnedest to turn a blind eye.

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