Virtual Telecare Inc.: Spamming a Purchased List

Staffing company Virtual Telecare Inc., doing business as Appointment Guarantee, today offered virtual staffing services in the Philippines to every email address that ever existed at an American real estate brokerage. Unfortunately for Virtual Telecare, the company in question went bankrupt several years ago. The email was sent through SMTP relay service

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Knowledge Hut

There’s any number of great resources on Knowledge Hut, such as MyWOT, or this conversation on LinkedIn. Nonetheless, I figured we might add our $.02.
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Fred Pryor Seminars: Business Training for Spamtraps!

Fred Pryor Seminars, doing business as CareerTrack, is emailing several of my spamtraps, most of them closed for over a decade. The emails offer business training courses of various types. The ESP is Yesmail, a division of Infogroup.

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Amazon Local: Opt-Out Email at its Finest

Online retailing giant Amazon is emailing its “Amazon Local” advertising emails, which are customized by customer location, to every customer that it has until that customer opts out. Among those are several dozen of my spamtraps, most of which are pristine or obvious typos and were never active email addresses. Amazon is sending these emails through its own Amazon SES SMTP relay service.

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RunProfit: Emailing Financial Advice to Spamtraps, a company that offers (IMHO somewhat questionable) financial advice, is emailing several of my spamtraps every few days. RunProfit is also emailing Spamcop spamtraps; the sending IP is listed on the Spamcop blocklist. The domain is registered to “Butler Capital”, but this “Butler Capital” does not appear to be affiliated in any way with any of the better-known “Butler Capital” financial firms. The ESP is TotalSend.

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Topica: ESP to the Payday Loan Industry

Topica, one of the older ESPs in existence, emailed about 150 spamtraps today with spam for payday loans and other questionable or outright fraudulent financial products. Topica has been emailing spamtraps with this sort of garbage for the past year or two, but the volume is increasing.

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Gateway Analytics Network on StreamSend

Gateway Analytics Network is spamming via StreamSend. StreamSend, true to their usual colour, are turning a deaf ear to messages sent to abuse@.

Read more… Emailing Typos, *Not* Emailing Those who Asked, a large travel booking web service, has been emailing a few dozen of my spamtraps regularly. I took a closer look this morning at just which spamtraps they are emailing, and found that every single one of them was an obvious typo. The ESP is ExactTarget, a division of marketing giant

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Mainospörssi: Contaminating TeliaSonera outbounds with spam

Mainospörssi (Deltaline Oy, www, biz reg, responsible people) is spamming Finnish B2B with a list purchased from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and contaminating the outbound of their ISP, TeliaSonera plc, with their spam.

TeliaSonera’s response 1 Aug: “We sent a complaint on the matter both to Mainospörssi and the list vendor.” As if that would result in anything. Spammers take warnings as free opportunities to continue doing what they were doing, and terminations as a necessary cost of business. The only thing a service provider can do is make a spammer the problem of anybody else but themselves.

At present, is listed by SpamCop.

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Neimen Marcus: The *Oddest* Confirmation Email Ever?

Neiman Marcus, a high-end U.S. department store, just emailed a number of spamtraps. The Subject header asks for them to confirm their email address. The message body thanks them for having confirmed their email address. The ESP is Cheetahmail, a division of Experian.

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