MMP3 Elektroniikka Oy d/b/a From Internet to Me, Spam

MMP3 Elektroniikka Oy (biz reg, responsible people) are continuing to send spam to advertise their wares.

The only things that are remarkable about this long-term spammer are that

  • their Internet service provider, Nebula Oy (active SBL listings) is permitting this and aiding and abetting them in it by assigning new IPs to them, and
  • they must be desperate because they’re hosting their website on a dynamic IP address and home Internet connection now.

Some of the current batch came from the SBL-listed

Spamming IP address:

but as that would mostly be futile because of the listing, Nebula have assigned them a new

Spamming IP address:

$ host has address
$ host domain name pointer

Oh, and I was “forbidden” already more than a year ago by them from writing to them, or to anybody about them.

Heh. Luuletko pelastavasi maailman tuolla omalla idioottimaisella käytökselläsi.
Meillä täyttyy kaikki lain vaatimat edellytykset. Sinulla vain on jotain tuotetta päässä.
Me emme käytä muita kuin Haikun listoja enää ja nekin olemme tarkastaneet.
Jätimme tarkoituksella noita sinun “hunajapurkkeja” sinne.
Sinä häiritset lama aikana yrityksiä, jotka ovat erittäin kehityskelpoisia.
Kiellämme sinua lähettämästä yhtään sähköpostia enää meille tai meistä kenellekään.
Millä oikeudella otat lain omiin käsiisi.

Ystävällisin terveisin

Translation (all mistakes are intentional, intended to reflect the poor Finnish in the original)

To Atro:
Heh. Do you think you’ll save the world with your own idiotic behaviour.
At our place all requirements demanded by the law are met.
You are just full of it.
We don’t use any other lists but those sold by Haiku any more and even those we have checked.
We left your “honeypots” in the list on purpose.
You disturb during a times of recession companies that are wery suitable for development.
We forbid you from sending any more email to us or to any of us.
What gives you the right to take the law into your own hands.

With best regards,

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