MMP3 Elektroniikka Oy d/b/a From Internet to Me, Spam

MMP3 Elektroniikka Oy (biz reg, responsible people) are continuing to send spam to advertise their wares.
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Don’t do as I do… do as I say: Nebula Oy, graduating from spam support to actually spamming themselves

Ooooo, and it makes me wonder. (LZ)

Nebula Oy (www, biz reg, responsible people, financial details), my favourite spam-support hosting provider here in Finland have taken the next step on their road to oblivion – by advertising their own services via spam. Their own Terms of Service might not amount to much, but this is decidedly a big step downward.

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(RESOLVED) MAJ-Yhtiöt Oy: Spamming web harvested addresses with SEO solicitations

MAJ-Yhtiöt Oy (www, biz reg) is spamming. The ESP is SendGrid, who will probably have terminated the sender before I hit “publish” on this post.

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Koulutuspalvelu Vaikutus: Still selling education to spamtraps

Nothing new under the sun: Koulutuspalvelu Vaikutus (www, biz reg), who share at least one player with a spammer we already know, PowerCompetence, continue to spam to sell their courses, with a travesty of an address file announcement that amounts to wiping their bottom ends with Section 25 of the Personal Data Act.

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I’m getting to this a little late, but it’s only because I was notified of the same happening again by somebody else., and, all three registered to a private person (see FICORA web-based WHOIS for the identity of said person – also indicated below in recent spam text) are involved in what pretends to be B2B spam. Only there isn’t a B on the left hand side of the 2. I wonder what it should be called then. Clearly it’s not C2B, because the sender is operating in a way that resembles a business. Maybe they don’t want to tell the taxman. There clearly is a business, because you can’t rent PO Boxes in Finland without a business ID.
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Koulutuspalvelu Vaikutus: Selling education to spamtraps

Koulutuspalvelu Vaikutus (www, biz reg), who share at least one player with a spammer we already know, PowerCompetence, are spamming to sell their courses.

The ESP is NetMonitor (an unregistered d/b/a of Developer’s Helsinki Oy Ab), whose Terms of Service continue to contain nothing on spamming. NetMonitor’s ISP is Nebula, whose attitude regarding spam can only be described as being somewhere between lax and actively hostile against complainants.

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Power Competence: Selling business presentation skills to spamtraps

Power Competence Oy (see biz reg, www) joins the hordes of those businesses who figured purchasing a mailing list from Lateralus Enterprise / Tavoite Media / was a good idea. Unsubs and sending, I think, are handled by Developer’s Helsinki, aka, whose Terms of Service don’t seem to contain a single word on the topic of using the service to send unsolicited bulk email.  Their services, in turn, are provided by Nebula, whose current Terms of Service (apparently only available in Finnish) don’t contain a single word on the topic.  The old ones at Nebula, valid for contracts made before June 1, 2012, said that the customer is not allowed to use the Service for direct marketing that is either illegal or against good manners or to advertise their service in newsgroups, discussion forums or in other places where it is forbidden to do so. (My translation.)  The argument that all spam is against good manners doesn’t ring a bell with them, apparently.

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Bestbiit/Bluebiit: Illegally spamming to advertise electronic gadgets

Bestbiit Oy (see biz reg), d/b/a Bluebiit, a Finnish startup, is spamming to advertise its goods, and I already mentioned them in this capacity elsewhere.  There is nothing inherently surprising about this.  Their spams have no plaintext content, so they violate every item of the spam legislation (not being identifiable as marketing, not having a mechanism for removal, and not describing the address list used).  Unfortunately the Helsinki City Marathon organisation allowed them on as a sponsoring vendor (so I got to tell them off to their face; “we remove everybody who complains” said the young man and probably believed it was OK to spam as long as you did; unfortunately it’s not even true that they would do that) and they’ve got our recent Olympic silver medalist as a promotional face, too.  Shame, shame!

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StarPoint: Selling entertainment performers to spamtraps

Oy StarPoint Ab (see biz reg) is selling entertainment services to spamtraps. The ESP is Suomen IT-Ratkaisut Oy (
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Stupido Shop: Selling records to spamtraps

Stupido Shop, a record store in downtown Helsinki, is spamming record ads to spamtraps. Their ISP Nebula was notified of their processing of outdated and erroneous personal information on February 6, before the spamtraps opened for business. That seems to have led to nothing at all.

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