Power Competence: Selling business presentation skills to spamtraps

Power Competence Oy (see biz reg, www) joins the hordes of those businesses who figured purchasing a mailing list from Lateralus Enterprise / Tavoite Media / bisnesrekisteri.fi was a good idea. Unsubs and sending, I think, are handled by Developer’s Helsinki, aka netmonitor.fi, whose Terms of Service don’t seem to contain a single word on the topic of using the service to send unsolicited bulk email.  Their services, in turn, are provided by Nebula, whose current Terms of Service (apparently only available in Finnish) don’t contain a single word on the topic.  The old ones at Nebula, valid for contracts made before June 1, 2012, said that the customer is not allowed to use the Service for direct marketing that is either illegal or against good manners or to advertise their service in newsgroups, discussion forums or in other places where it is forbidden to do so. (My translation.)  The argument that all spam is against good manners doesn’t ring a bell with them, apparently.

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