Don’t do as I do… do as I say: Nebula Oy, graduating from spam support to actually spamming themselves

Ooooo, and it makes me wonder. (LZ)

Nebula Oy (www, biz reg, responsible people, financial details), my favourite spam-support hosting provider here in Finland have taken the next step on their road to oblivion – by advertising their own services via spam. Their own Terms of Service might not amount to much, but this is decidedly a big step downward.

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Merial: Selling a Flea and Tick Treatment to a Spamtrap?

Funny, I didn’t *think* this spamtrap was a dog….

Veterinary pharmaceutical company Merial just sent a bulk email advertisement for Certifect, a trademarked flea and tick treatment for dogs, to an email address that was closed several years ago. After a number of years in which this email address rejected all attempts to send email to it, it was re-enabled as a spamtrap in 2010. The ESP is Campaign Monitor through their self-service newsletter facility at

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JS Media: Teaching spamtraps how to deal with Facebook Timeline

JS Media (see biz reg; a personal d/b/a of Jukka Saario) wants to teach spamtraps how to deal with Facebook Timeline. Addresses are outdated and erroneous and the sender indicates having bought them from Fonecta. The ESP is Campaign Monitor, whose anti-spam policy forbids the use of purchased lists.
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(RESOLVED) Campaign Monitor: The 101 of how not to run an ESP

I don’t need to know anything more about an ESP.  This one (their network, that is, which is Freshview Pty Ltd OW-3735-1 (NET-206-72-127-0-1) – in ARIN) is going into the DROP tables. Please post here when you’ve deobfuscated the domain registration. They are their own TUCOWS reseller, too.

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