HansaLeads: yet another new Finnish B2B spammer (NOT RESOLVED!)

HansaLeads Oy is using Rackspace’s Mailgun arm to send out Finnish B2B spam suggesting that recipients purchase B2B spamming services from them. That’s so ’90’s.

The spam message fails the Section 25 (Personal Data Act) test: there is nothing about the address file that they used to send out the spam or its data controller. The data file fails the Section 9 test, of course, as outdated and erroneous personal information are involved, which is hardly surprising given the provenance (it is Finnish Biz Info System sourced data in one way or the other). That also means the spam is illegal according to Section 200 of the Information Society Code (earlier, Section 26 of the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications), because you can’t legally spam natural people here. They should also have mentioned their VAT ID in the spam, which means it fails the Section 15 (Business Information Act) test.

Do you want your business to collaborate with these people? I didn’t think so.

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