Clickback MAIL hitting dead/invalid emails

Clickback MAIL has been hitting spam trap with email addresses which have been dead for a very long time (i.e. years) or never valid in any decade. Probably because Clickback doesn’t require pesky things like “Opt-In” or “Confirmed” subscribers but do allow purchased lists and “cold” contacts to be mailed. Seriously this is bad behavior, I wonder why no one has just blacklisted all of Clickback IPs/domains yet?

Hold on, Spamhaus DBL has (recently) partially blocked some of the Clickback sending domains but not all (yet).

Clickback loves to use domain names that make it look like they are legitimate senders, with a mash-up of mail terms including “smtp”, “server”, “stream”, “email”, “mta” and “sender”. I have mapped out the Clickback Internet net blocks and domain names scattered around various providers for those who might be interested in blocking them.

Some (partially redacted) SMTP logs, the recent ones are mostly being blocked by Spamhaus DNSbls. Others have “special treatment” applied.

May 15 X []: 550 5.7.1 X; from=<>
May 1 X 554 5.7.1 <[]>: X; from=<>
Apr 27[]: 554 5.7.1 X; from=<> X helo=<>

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  1. First question on the Clickback Mail FAQ:

    I currently use an Email Service Provider and/or Marketing Automation software. How does Clickback MAIL software differ?

    The key difference is that your email list does not need to be opted-in to use our Clickback MAIL software. …

    (Emphasis mine)

    I would have to do further research, but this sounds like what Spamhaus calls a ‘Spam Support Service’. And Spamhaus lists those in the SBL.

  2. just tried to send the following tweet from @MainsleazeSpam;

    @Team_Clickback: Your FAQ says you allow users to send to non-opt-in lists: That’s spam support. @Spamhaus, FYI.

    Twitter blocked it, as probable spam, several times. Since the @MainsleazeSpam account is years old and has never spammed Twitter or anybody else, i think they’re probably filtering URI domains against @Spamhaus and the domain was listed. <G>

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