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  1. Effortia spam in October 2015: 6 Oct, still from Elastic; 15 Oct, from growmail.co.uk via huipputarjous.biz; 20-22 Oct, again from Elastic Email through “fiksujuttu.com”, mostly from but also from

  2. Now spamming from the Lithuanian ESP MailerMAX, who only just made their first appearance on the ESP spam monthly list last month.

    MailerMAX are not taking any action. My guess is that they want to “improve” their standing on the ESP list (they’re already at 5% for this month compared to 3.8% for October, which would have earned them #4 last month) and given the completely illegal nature of the spam sent by their Finnish spamming customers, they’re risking much more than just some whining on a blog somewhere.

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