EmailVision: Competing with Topica for the #1 payday loan spam ESP prize

“Interesting” affiliate spam from EmailVision, hitting over a hundred spamtraps that I have access to. Promoting Euroloan Consumer Finance plc, a Finnish payday lender. I am getting the impression that Jubiis might be a Danish affiliate(?) spammer, but their website says they’re on Malta, and their Domain by Proxy registration illegally leaves them untraceable. The spam text is in Finnish save for the “description” of how you came to be on their list and how to be removed, which are in Danish, which is of course equal to Gibberish for 99.9% of the world population (save for the 5.59 million Danes, that is).

Spamming IP: EmailVision infrastructure

Received: from ( [])
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Spam content:

Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 hh:mm:ss +0200 (CEST)
From: Petri – Jubiis <>
To: email
Subject: Joustavaa lainaa Euroloanilta 5000 euroon asti

<img src=” width=”1″ height=”1″ alt=””>

Sinä päätät lainasi ehdot!

Hei ,

Kesällä saattaa tulla ennalta-arvaamattomia menoja. 
Varaudu näihin kuluihin Euroloanilla, saat sitä jopa 5000 euroon asti!

Voit räätälöidä juuri itsellesi parhaiten sopivan lainan haluamallasi maksuajalla!

Katso läpi lainat tästä

Lainahakemuksen tekeminen ja luottopäätös ovat ilmaisia.

Koko prosessi on internetin kautta tehtävissä ja saat heti tarkan kurssin ja kustannukset.

Hae lainaa tästä


Vi sender deg denne mail, da du tidligere har deltatt i en konkurranse eller spørreskjema på nettet og dermed har gitt oss lov til å sende deg mailen.

Om du ikke ønsker å motta flere tilbud, så kan du melde deg av her

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