EPS Inc. (Canada): Spamming to invite scientists to conferences

The Canadian business EPS Inc., of 1625 Maisonneuve Ouest Suite 305, Montreal, Canada H3H 2N4, tel. +1-514-933-4119, fax +1-514-933-9519 is spamming scientists to advertise a conference they are arranging. Their ESP is StreamSend, part of Web development and hosting firm EZ Publishing, whose acceptable use policy forbids the sending of unsolicited bulk email.

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From: "EPS" <cmm25@epsworldlink.com>
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Subject: Dear Dr. X,  International conference announcement: Melbourne International Infectious Diseases Conference 2012, Australia
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Dear Dr. X, 


It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to attend the
Melbourne International Infectious Diseases Conference 2012 and
present your most recent research achievements and ideas at this meeting.
This event will take place in Melbourne, Australia
during April 4-5, 2012. Please visit our website at www.epsworldlink.com
for program details.

The conference includes oral, poster and video presentations. It
will be a very stimulating international event with delegates from all over
the world, which will provide the opportunity to bring together physicians
and scientists, as well as those professionals who are involved or
interested in the field of Infectious Disease, to share their skills and
experiences in a friendly atmosphere. We expect this conference to be
exciting, active, informative and fruitful, as well as an influential event
international event.

This event is organized and hosted by EPS Inc., a Canada-based
biomedical consultant agency which devotes to continuing academic
education, knowledge transfer, and scientific and technology exchanges
through holding international conferences in biomedicine. Our organization
is proud to provide participants and partners with interactive forums which
set the stage for tomorrow’s educational, research and business
collaborations in the area of life sciences. We therefore cordially welcome
you to join us and appreciate both the science and this unique networking
opportunity. Please check the following website for EPS Inc. introduction
and the list of upcoming conferences:  


Your participation and interaction will contribute towards making
this conference a truly memorable experience and enhancing our endeavour to
improve human health. I cordially welcome you to join us in


Organizing committee of Melbourne International Infectious Diseases
Conference 2012

EPS Inc.

1625 Maisonneuve Ouest

Suite 305, Montreal

Canada, H3H 2N4

Tel: +1-514-933-4119

Fax: +1-514-933-9519


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