Estonian professional spam operations (targeting Finland)

Finnish businesses, kindly stay away from the following Estonian businesses for your marketing needs.

  • MK Ärilahendused OÜ (recent SBL listing) / Dmitri Mihhailov Update: Listed on ROKSO
  • Scandinavian Marketing OÜ / Urmo Valle / Urmo Mark
  • Mihail Fortis (recent SBL listing; unknown if he operates as a business or not)

These have been previously documented here and on other websites (see for example on the topic of MK Ärilahendused, my previous post on MK Ärilahendused, Urmo Mark’s whine about me and my response here, on the topic of Urmo Mark, on the topic of Mihail Fortis).

The basic take-home message here is: These are spammers and will destroy your reputation. Stay away from them.

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