Estonian professional spam operations (targeting Finland)

Finnish businesses, kindly stay away from the following Estonian businesses for your marketing needs.

  • MK Ärilahendused OÜ (recent SBL listing) / Dmitri Mihhailov Update: Listed on ROKSO
  • Scandinavian Marketing OÜ / Urmo Valle / Urmo Mark
  • Mihail Fortis (recent SBL listing; unknown if he operates as a business or not)

These have been previously documented here and on other websites (see for example on the topic of MK Ärilahendused, my previous post on MK Ärilahendused, Urmo Mark’s whine about me and my response here, on the topic of Urmo Mark, on the topic of Mihail Fortis).

The basic take-home message here is: These are spammers and will destroy your reputation. Stay away from them.

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  1. MK Ärilahendused OÜ spammed today from an IP and domain that are not associated with them in public records. That is not the behavior of a legitimate ESP. They were also marketing their own services, which are spam services, so I don’t think that they qualify as an otherwise legitimate (mainsleaze) company either.

    I bow to Atro’s knowledge about their customers, though, who apparently do qualify as otherwise legitimate companies not in business to spam, but who spam as part of their marketing efforts. I’ve also noticed that an increasing number of known, legitimate companies are spamming through snowshoe or extremely questionable bulk email marketing companies. Unfortunately market pressure on companies to spam is quite strong; apparently the abysmally low response rates to unsolicited bulk email are still acceptable given how little it costs to send this email.

    But I hope that some companies value their reputation enough NOT to want to appear here or in other antispam forums. 🙂

  2. MK Ärilahendused OÜ has been spamming us as well on multiple occasions, both marketing their own spam services and on behalf of a legitimate Finnish company.

    Unsurprisingly, requests of removal of our addresses have not had a reply.

    We’ve been pursuing the Finnish company in question, Suomen Saunakeskus Oy (, to confirm a removal and also to provide clarification of the address source used in their marketing in conformance to the Finnish legislation.

    They have only forwarded the requests to a ‘Nikolai Timofejev’ (, and spamming from Ärilahendused OÜ has continued in the meantime.
    This pretty much means that Ärilahendused OÜ have no intention on actually honoring the removal requests.

    This naturally reflects badly on Suomen Saunakeskus Oy as well, who have apparently purchased the marketing campaign, including the address list used, from Ärilahendused OÜ, but are still responsible for their marketing according to our laws.

    The Finnish data protection ombudsman has been informed.

    The spam we’ve received has been sent using the same server, (, also hosting the campaign related links.

  3. appears to be listed by Spamhaus as of two days ago. Notes in the listing seem to indicate that they’ve managed to attract Spamhaus’ attention in a bigger way.

  4. Another customer of MK Ärilahendused OÜ spammed our addresses today; it’s clear that they have no intention of cleaning up their address list.

    Here is the address information they provided

    MK Ärilahendused OÜ

    Punane 16, Tallinn 13620
    Tel. (+372)55 18 958

    Perhaps the registry and / or host of should be asked to take down their spam site to make their spamming just a little slower?

    • I don’t think the .eu registry is very much interested. It’s one of the TLDs of choice for the make-penis-fast industry, after all, and that would be a tad more important to take down for good than one petty little MK Ärilahendused.

  5. This time the mail server used for spam was:
    Received: from unknown (HELO (

  6. Add a new one! Martin Anderson / All-Tec Services OÜ, see new post

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