Estonian spammers targeting Finland: Martin Anderson / All-Tec Services OÜ

I’ve only just received a spam from [] to an address that has to be harvested from the web pages of the company. I did a little looking up and it turns out that the spammer is Martin Anderson, of the Estonian company All-Tec Services OÜ, who is already familiar to the local spamhound.

The services that they advertised this time were /, belonging to Suomen Yrityskaupat Eesti OÜ / Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy (Estonian and Finnish companies) respectively. The principal of the former, Mr Pentti Nokelin, seems to have no problem with spam – if I get really bored I might upload the phone conversation we had about it.

Let’s see how Zone Media OÜ (hoster of spam sender), Elkdata OÜ (hoster of spam-advertised service in Estonia) and Sigmatic Oy (hoster of spam-advertised service in Finland) react to it.

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