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  1. It should also be said that HansaLeads are playing games with biz reg. The original (12 Aug 2014) HansaLeads Oy has been renamed Lead Management Lauttasaari Oy and only Christian Owen Gates is still formally involved. The new “HansaLeads” is the former ER-Suunnittelu Oy, formed in 1984, that did not do any business worth mentioning last year (grand turnover of 15k€). I expect the current sole board member Jani Pomell and vice member Pauli Pajula to be proxies (suomeksi: bulvaani) with no real connection to the business. The former(?) director of sales is trying to make himself disappear from public view because his history as a convicted conman is catching up with him. The fact that the cartooney above has been sent by a legal office whose grand old man has been convicted of aggravated tax fraud and disbarred is very reassuring, as well.

  2. http://www.is.fi/kotimaa/art-2000001950109.html

    Date: Fri, 5 May 2017 10:27:05 +0300
    From: Kalle Keskinen <kalle.keskinen@loudnlive.hle1.net>
    Subject: Kutsu Music Festivaalille

    What a match made in heaven.

  3. When in doubt, go to Pakistan. Filip did, too.

    % Abuse contact for ' -' is 'abuse@hosteurope.de'
    inetnum: -
    netname:        ripe-85-25-252-227-32
    descr:          For client request
    country:        PK
    admin-c:        VN1759-RIPE
    created:        2017-09-27T21:41:25Z
    person:         Veb Nest
    address:        Office 609  6th Floor  55 B ISE TOWERS  Blue Area 609  44000 Isl
    phone:          +1 609 2492490
    nic-hdl:        VN1759-RIPE
    abuse-mailbox:  admin@vebnest.com
  4. HostEurope are taking their sweet time terming this spamming IP from “Pakistan, Finland”.

    It looks a bit like Hansaleads might be getting desperate. The week that is about to finish, they had managed to sell services to three companies: Stark (a construction supplies chain), Uudenmaan Peltityö (a sheet metal works) and Sokeva (a vendor of surface treatment tools owned by the Fin­nish Fe­de­ra­tion of the Vi­sual­ly Im­pai­red).

    All of these were informed by phone of the fraudulent practices of Hansaleads. They were not happy campers. Common themes: “Excuse me – I have to call my CEO right now.”

    Some of them had not yet paid the bill when the spams had already been sent out and were therefore instructed not to pay it either. I suppose that’s gotta hurt – and may be why I have been receiving anonymous phone calls from unlisted numbers recently. After all, they’ve got a history of doing that, even though in August 2016 it was Mr Conman himself, almost openly, at least calling from the number that is attributable to him. (See previous post.)

  5. More new Hansaleads customers in the first half of November:

    And of course Hansaleads themselves spamming to advertise their spamming services.

  6. This week’s catch:

    Fortunately at least the latter said that they had not agreed to advance billing. Hansaleads Oy / Sender Oy tries this on everybody. Don’t agree to it. Better yet, don’t agree to doing any business with them at all.

  7. Nordic Sales Crew Oy (as seen in the LinkedIn profile of Riikka Marsh) is Hansaleads too. Biz reg, people responsible.

    Mathias Irenius Dahlqvist 	toimitusjohtaja	 
    Mathias Irenius Dahlqvist 	puheenjohtaja	 
    Frans Johan Styrbjörn Westerlund 	varsinainen jäsen	 
    Juuso Oskari Saarinen 	varsinainen jäsen	 
    Paavo Aleksanteri Pörsti 	varsinainen jäsen	 
    Sheng Tong Cheng 	varsinainen jäsen

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