January 2016 in spamtraps: Facebook


What is going on? Facebook is hitting spamtraps like there’s no tomorrow. The comparison is against the total mail volume in the same spamtraps of the top three ESPs combined.

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  1. FaceBook is clearly/ always doing something very suspicious and that always makes me think a few times before I decide to use it! I regret ever using it!!

  2. Here’s the answer:

    Subject: You have more friends on Facebook than you think

    Nearly 90% of the horrible spam flood that started in the end of January (and is still going on) consists of this one type of message alone, begging Facebook users to violate the terms of their mail service provider by granting access to their address book (and hence, entire mailbox) to a third party – Facebook.


  3. Moliverability

    Facebook = worlds biggest “legitimate” spammer if those 2 words can ever be in the same sentence.

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