July 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

ESP mail seen in spamtraps in July 2015

ESP mail seen in spamtraps in July 2015

We seem to be back to normal this month. Perhaps remarkably though, the percentage of ESP sent mail vs all mail seen in the spamtraps has dropped from 1% to 0.7%.

0 All others 45.2%
1 SendGrid 12.1%
2 ExactTarget 10.9%
3 MailChimp (77% MC proper, 23% Mandrill) 9.6%
4 CheetahMail 4.7%
5 Constant Contact 3.5%
6 Amazon SES 3.4%
7 Silverpop 3.3%
8 eCircle / Teradata 2.7%
9 Sailthru 2.4%
10 Compost Marketing 2.3%

The runners-up (all between 1.5% and 2%) are Marketo, Responsys, SmartFocus/emailvision and Digital River.

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  1. For some weird reason, Spamhaus.org is taking a stance on Compost Marketing aka Carmamail with several listings, which in itself makes no sense as only one, for (and maybe one for, which iWeb in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, have failed to assign visibly to anybody out of their /16 in violation of ARIN Number Resource Policy) would do just fine.

    Also, if it was just about volumes, or about poor customers, the big three should be listed to Hell and back. Of course, as other ESPs have shown here, when over 50% of your mail in spamtraps is sent by one customer only, it tends to show up. In this case, in the view I see, Dagens Lilla Nyhet (a random “you participated in an internet competition” site operated by Swedes from Malta) is the culprit.

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