June 2020 in Spamtraps: ESPs

Figure 1. Top 10 ESPs in our spamtraps, June 2020

Here’s a monthly summary of our findings for the month of June 2020.

0All others33.7%255 ESPs identified
1Salesforce Marketing Cloud16.7%donaldtrump.com (3.6%)
2SendGrid15.2%Uber (3.5%)
3Mailchimp9.3%eccp.com (<1%)
4Amazon SES7.4%Netflix (12%)
5Oracle Marketing Cloud4.1%joann.com (6.7%)
6CheetahMail>2.7%Talbots.com (7.5%)
7Mailgun<2.7%atena.sk (9%)
8Constant Contact2.3%Not meaningful
9Emarsys<2.3%payback.it (8.9%)
10Adobe Campaign2.2%Adobe itself (6.3%)
Table 1. Top 10 ESPs in our spamtraps, June 2020,
with their shares of the total and most prominent customers

The percentage of mail identified as being sent by an ESP was 3.2%, slightly up from May. The total volume of mail was 12% lower than in May. Perhaps we were better able to avoid the botnets this time?

Figure 2. Relative badness of ESPs in our spamtraps, June 2020

The “relative badness” figure is obtained by dividing the total number of messages sent to us by an ESP by the apparent number of its customers participating in it.

The biggest single customers for the ones in the top end on this chart are the GOP for Pulsepoint (25%, still; increasing!), DICK’s Sporting Goods for Epsilon (40%; falling down) and Costco for WhatCounts (40%).

That’s all, folks! As always, get in touch on LinkedIn or email if you have any questions on any of the above.

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