Lateralus Enterprise has moved

According to a change on November 1, 2012 to its information in the Finnish Business Information System, Lateralus Enterprise is now resident at Valliniemenkatu 6 F 59, 48900 KOTKA. This 30 m² property was recently for rent. The ownership of the telephone number 040-594 0756 indicates the corresponding change, although Fonecta Finder hasn’t noticed yet that Lateralus Enterprise would have moved from Sokinsuontie 7 A 22, 02760 ESPOO. Even Tavoite Media‘s own web pages still display the old address. What’s more, it indicates another person as definitely having to do with Tavoite Media. So he’s not just a misguided customer, but an actual partner in spam. Thanks for confirming, dudes. BTW. If you list a portfolio of customers and three of the eleven are you yourselves, isn’t that kind of sad? (Getwin Oy,, and

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