May 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs


In preparation for my upcoming talk at MAAWG 34…
The amount of ESP sent mail in traps is still at 1% of the total, but the distribution has changed noticeably this month.

0 Others 44.4%
1 SendGrid 12.6%
2 ExactTarget 10.9%
3 MailChimp (79% MC proper, 21% Mandrill) 8.6%
4 CheetahMail 4.3%
5 Amazon SES 3.8%
6 Constant Contact 3.5%
7 Topica 2.8%
8 SilverPop 2.7%
9 SailThru 2.2%
10 eCircle 2.1%
10 Compost Marketing 2.1%

2 Responses to May 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

  1. After digging into the details with InfiniteMho, it seems like one customer in particular accounted for SendGrid’s spam trap uptick in May. We will reach out to the customer, review their address acquisition practices, and get them back on the straight and narrow. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    • Indeed. They were still mailing in the first half of June, which also explains why SendGrid were still slightly ahead of ET in June. Their two blasts on June 4 and 11 amounted to 9% of SG’s total output as seen in the traps; without it, SG would have been just slightly behind ET.

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