New Finnish DNSBL

We were recently made aware of, a DNSBL targeted at Finnish spammers only. We welcome the newcomer and wish it all the best!

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  1. I read the web page at At first I wondered if your blog was actually relevant to mainsleaze spam, but it appears that the blocklist is focused mostly on Finnish B2B spammers, who are mainsleaze by our definition. So *cool*. 🙂

    Unfortunately the problem here in the U.S. is not as easily dealt with by blocklisting. The difference in scale is huge, even greater than the difference between our populations (around 5 million in Finland, about 330 million in the U.S.) A blocklist located inside the U.S. that focused on mainsleaze spam would be just *begging* for a lawsuit by some company that thinks it’s entitled to send bulk email to its customers whether they asked for it or not, and that has lawyers on staff who might need something to do.

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