New Finnish spam list vendor:

The self titled “Business Guru” (www in Finnish, www in English at alternate domain) is selling the standard fare, B2B spam lists. The domain is registered to Mikael Suominen as a private person. The domain is WhoisGuard Protected. The actual hosting of both is cloaked by CloudFlare.

The Finnish version of the Terms and Conditions indicate that the responsible party is the sole tradership SWFin, aka Solfin (biz reg), a sole tradership of Mikael Suominen. SWFin first came to our attention in mid-March 2014 with spam advertising the domain name sähkö ( (“email addresses dot fi”), which now redirects to

5 Responses to New Finnish spam list vendor:

  1. The same is going on from / / / / as we speak.

  2. The doofuses at “Helsingin Yritysinfo” (, domain registered to the natural person Jouni Suvinen, apparently on behalf of Helsingin Yritysinfo, a sole tradership of Jouni Suvinen) were careless enough to buy a spam list from Mikael Suominen and used it to spam through MailChimp, whose position on such activities is rather well known.

  3. hosted at Gandi – hopefully not for long. Mikael is spamming to advertise it from Your MailingListProvider at the moment. The owner, Patrick Van Acker, has been alerted.

  4. DNS and hosting provided by CloudFlare, mail at Gandi, still spamming from Your MailingListProvider.

  5. DNS at Gandi, hosting at OVH, looks like CloudFlare dropped the spammer.

    $ host -t ns name server name server name server
    $ host has address is an alias for is an alias for mail is handled by 50 mail is handled by 10

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