October 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

ESP mail seen in spamtraps October 2015

ESP mail seen in spamtraps October 2015

The percentage of ESP sent mail vs all mail seen in the spamtraps is 1.3% this month.

0 All others
1 SalesForce Marketing Cloud 10.1% aka ExactTarget
2 SendGrid 9.7%
3 MailChimp 8.2% 27% Mandrill, 73% MailChimp proper
4 Experian 4.5%
5 Silverpop 4.2%
6 MailerMAX 3.8%
7 Constant Contact 3.2%
8 Amazon SES 2.8%
9 Green Arrow 2.3%  aka DRH Internet, aka InboxFirst
10 Responsys 1.9%

Bubbling under: Mailgun at 1.9%, Neolane / Adobe Campaigns and Sailthru, both at 1.6%.

We have two new contestants. MailerMAX from Lithuania makes an appearance solely due to having allowed in a group of Finnish spammers, some of whom operate more or less openly (because you can’t register .fi domains anonymously). These are the same bunch who gave MySMTP their #1 spot in June.

The mail from Green Arrow is a curious mix of U.S. political commentary and Scandinavian “you must have participated in an online competition to sign up” outright spam. Annika, are you listening?

2 Responses to October 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

  1. “Annika” appears to be Michael Kjær, aka Nordic Leads Collection ApS.

  2. They also appear in their own right under dagligmailen.com, leadperformance.dk (Globalt Investeringsunivers ApS, also operated by Michael Kjær), nyhedsportalen.eu (Nordic Leads Collection ApS), spamming from and several IPs in Digital Ocean’s

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