PumbaStick, or Take Two of “That which we don’t do”

Pre-consciously inspired by Vernon Schryver, an entity had these things to say today:

  • I do not harvest e-mail addresses, as I believe harvesting would require some sort of an robot or software to do that – in this case the robot is me. I’ve visited each company web page and got the address there one by one.
  • If one was not available, I checked the company info from Google and at times found an e-mail address from such places as [the company search of the local equivalent of Financial Times] etc.
  • I also do not send any mass e-mails, I do not even use “bcc:” for the outgoing e-mails, as I send each e-mail individually, point-to-point.
  • I have not bought any mailing lists from a 3rd party, as said I’ve done the collecting myself, one by one.
  • Some topics you mentioned in your e-mails sent to me (not shown here for some reason) I need to look at, such as notifying proper athorities, that I have an Excel-sheet on my pc containing a few hundred e-mail addresses I’ve approached with my marketing material.
  • While I understand, that the topic you are bringing up is important, I wish you would target something else than a micro-company trying to get their product some visibility.


  • Please let me add, that all leads to e-mail addresses I have sent marketing material to are listed as businesses in one or more used car/machinery/boating/caravan sales practicing web sites. So, I have not contacted individuals as such, but the businesses they represent.
  • I rather dislike the fact, that you made my small business look like the big bad wolf – spammer here in LinkedIn, and the fact that it seems to bring you some level of satisfaction to wish my business go belly up, or “be history in a bit”.
  • It is sad to see, that even you’re fighting for a good cause, you don’t have any bigger opponents to bully anymore.

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