“Recovering Politician” Jonathan Miller: Keeping the Ol’ Campaign List Alive….

Former Kentucky state treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Miller, who now writes and tweets under the sobriquet “The Recovering Politician” (@RecoveringPol), apparently isn’t all that willing to let politics go. He’s still sending email to his old campaign list, which includes an email address that has not been live since 2003, long before he was running for governor. The ESP is Vertical Response.

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Subject: Why Kentucky Basketball Matters
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I thought you’d enjoy this essay I wrote –
http://cts.vresp.com/c/?JonathanMiller/<xxx> for The Huffington Post explaining why Kentucky basketball matters. Just click here to read it. –

For a couple of years, I’ve been trying to articulate why a team of college hoopsters brings such joy to a state of 5 million. More importantly, I’ve been trying to explain why the team’s success is so important to the state’s well-being, its unity, and indeed, its public policy future.


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Jonathan Miller
816 Penny Lane
Lexington, Kentucky 40509

One Response to “Recovering Politician” Jonathan Miller: Keeping the Ol’ Campaign List Alive….

  1. Jonathan Miller might need to change his Twitter handle. He’s still deeply interested in and involved in politics –“recovering” is NOT the word for what I see. 😉 Unfortunately he’s also continuing to send email to a spamtrap (mine) and from all appearances to a very old, outdated campaign list that probably lay fallow for at least a couple of year. Many email addresses on such a list have probably gone away — victims of address churn. Miller’s email list management team did not process bounces during this period, which means that they are now emailing email addresses that were valid once, but are currently spamtraps.

    Miller is risking continued delivery of his current message by continuing to email email addresses that have not responded to him in years.

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