ScienceSoft Oy / ScienceSoft, Inc.: Spamming without content

ScienceSoft Oy, apparently of Annankatu 2 A 2, 00100 HELSINKI, tel. +358-45-178 4880,, are spamming. The spam has zero text content, only a 24-page PDF, so it’s illegal because it does not indicate where the addresses were obtained from, it does not have an unsubscription method, it does not identify the sender adequately, etc. etc.

The spamming IP is in Belarus, as is the mothership of this supposedly Finnish company. They started spamming in April 2013, but I seem not to have written them up at the time.

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  1. No reply to pointing the above out to them last year. A different person‘s name was indicated on today’s spam, which is still HTML only, no text content that I could read, and spammed to an outdated and erroneous list that contains addresses that must have been acquired from the source prior to March 2014.

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