Spam from Software Outsourcing Company BairesDev

In early December 2013, the Denver Code Monkey posted a blog note about this spammer in the spammer section of his blog. Ignacio de Marco, apparently of BairesDev LLC, San Francisco / Argentina had been spamming him. We confirm – this happened to me too.

I would like to confirm that I received the same, with exactly the same parameters: claiming that the person found me on LinkedIn, but spamming an address that is not on the profile, and it’s not showing that dude would have viewed my profile (unless he is “Anonymous LinkedIn User”).

The spamming IP is

Received: from ( [])

None of the companies in which I have a say purchase anything from spammers, as per the Boulder Pledge. I don’t, personally. I encourage others not to, either.

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  1. More of the same just in from
    Received: from (

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