One Response to Sprint Nextel: When a Spamtrap Hit is Not Spam

  1. Today (12/9/2011) the same spamtrap received a Sprint bill notifying the owner that he/she owes several hundred dollars, and that if payment is not made within six days, his/her cell phone service will be turned off. Interestingly, however, the notification did NOT contain any personal information. The account number and amount due are still there; the owner’s name and phone number are not. Acxiom Digital contacted me about a similar situation involving a bank that I blogged about, and promised to discuss this with Sprint. It appears that Sprint listened.

    I didn’t try to click any of the URLs in the message, so I am not sure whether they would allow access to the spamtrap’s account or not. I hope that they do NOT allow access without first prompting for the user’s logon and password. Because of the prevalence of falsified account notices (phish) for banks and other businesses, I wish Sprint wouldn’t include clickable URLs in their transaction emails. But at least they have acted to protect user privacy.

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