Suomalainen Kirjakauppa: Hell bent on using bad data

Suomalainen Kirjakauppa (www, biz reg), one of Finland’s largest bookstores (and oldest registered businesses) has been terminated previously by a Finnish ESP, and by a Swedish ESP operating in Finland, both for the use of bad data that hit spamtraps and landed their IPs onto blocklists. It is very likely that they aren’t deliberately spamming B2C (though it must be said that B2B spam that is guaranteed to be spam has been seen from them too), but by steadfastly refusing to clean bad/old/bad and old data from their legitimately acquired B2C lists, they have degenerated into spammers.

So, after having been shown the door domestically and in the immediate vicinity, they turned to an Australian ESP instead, and naturally continued using the same bad old data. Said ESP didn’t like it very much, but offered them a chance to continue operations if they agreed to clean their lists (for example, by removing all contacts that are older than 24 months), which they did… but after two months, started using the same bad old data again, and got termed.

There’s a special prize category for anybody who has been terminated three times for AUP related offences. Wonder if those folks will notice?

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