American Family: Welcoming a Spamtrap to its List :/

Sweepstakes and deals program American Family today sent a welcome message to a spamtrap that has been closed for over ten years, notifying it that it had been added to their list. Moreover, when this spamtrap was live, it belonged to a European user who presumably would not qualify for the deals that this site offers. The ESP is Acxiom Digital.

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American Family: Spamming a Long-Closed Email Address

American Family, a membership web site that offers “points” and prizes for participation, is sending bulk email to a long-closed email address. The email states that, “You recently registered with a network website to receive special online offers.” This is not true for any reasonable definition of “recently”. This email address has been closed since 2007. Either American Family accepts unverified subscriptions and somebody typoed an email address and domain, or American Family purchased a list. The ESP is Yesmail.

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