Hengitysliitto (Breathing Association): Soliciting contributions by spamming

It looks like Bisnode has a campaign of “helping” non-profits out by spamming on their behalf.  This, too, was sent to an address scraped from the web page of the biz. Hengitysliitto is the Finnish Breathing Association, a non-profit dedicated to helping people suffering from breathing disorders.  The message doesn’t even attempt to indicate the address source.  Let’s see what Apsis has to say about this one.

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Pelastusarmeija (Salvation Army Finland): Soliciting contributions by spamming

Pelastusarmeija, aka the Finnish branch of the Salvation Army, is spamming businesses to solicit contributions. The partner in spam is Bisnode/Soliditet, an operation that specialises in the generation and sale of leads, and who are apparently a customer of Apsis, a Swedish ESP who at least in private conversations proffer a policy of disallowing the use of purchased lists. (Guys, if you read this, posting a link on your website to your Acceptable Use Policy would not be a stupid move, and commenting here would be welcome.)

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