Chase Bank: Sending Transactional Email to a Spamtrap

Chase Bank simply doesn’t get it, or doesn’t care. Months after I reported that Chase was spamming email addresses that did not belong to live customers with marketing and transactional email messages, it is now sending transactional emails containing a customer name and information about account activity to yet another spamtrap. This email was sent directly from Chase’s own IPs.

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Chase Bank: Including Customer Information in Marketing Email Sent to Spamtraps

Months after I first blogged about Chase Bank sending marketing emails to an email address that had been closed for many years via Acxiom Digital, and after I added a comment to that blog indicating that Chase was sending marketing emails to a different email address via Epsilon Interactive (Bigfoot Interactive), this second email address is *still* receiving the same bulk emails. Worse, they STILL contain the customer’s name and the last four digits of the customer’s credit card number, although the customer has not owned this email address for years!

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Chase Bank: A Spamtrap is “an Business Rewards Visa cardmember”?

Chase Bank is sending advertising emails to an email address that has been closed for many years, claiming that the owner is “an Business Rewards Visa cardmember”. The ESP is Acxiom Digital.

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