The SCOOTER Store is selling to stolen email address

A few years ago I gave a tagged email address to The Home Depot for some warranty paperwork. About a year later, that address made it into the wild. At first I thought it was the big brands as usual selling off email addresses, but then learned through the type of spam I was receiving that it was stolen. I’ve contacted The Home Depot once or twice, but haven’t received one reply. Now today, The SCOOTER Store is spamming that same tagged email address via a marketing agency called Digital Marketing Direct (domain

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Bass Pro Shops: Selling Sporting Gear to a Stolen Email Database

Well, I had meant to post this about a week ago, but see that Spambouncer beat me to the post. I do however need to add to this situation as

  1. It does involved the sending of spam to a stolen email address (mine)
  2. Per Spambouncer’s post I see that even though I’ve already notified the ESP Cheetahmail, a division of Experian weeks ago that this was occurring they still haven’t taken action on the customer and or the list.

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Home Depot: Emailing a Long-Closed Email Address

U.S.-based hardware store Home Depot is sending bulk email to a long-closed email address. The ESP is ExactTarget.

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