MailerLite again

In a blog post titled Email Segmentation Without User Data, MailerLite, aka UAB “Itema”, are putting forth the view that you should be “segmenting” by sending your contacts more email about the same basic idea with different subject lines to see which email performs the best.

Now this doesn’t really address the point of whether you’re sending by permission or without it, and of course MailerLite’s policies (ToS, privacy policy and anti-spam policy) read just fine, but our previous experiences with MailerLite suggest that even their own idea of what is acceptable may not be quite as highbrow as put forth in those documents.

Discussion on several anti-spam mailing lists is currently centering on the topic of how to best avoid MailerLite pre-emptively in its entirety, by IP, domain name, shoe size and other relevant parameters… A Finnish branch office of a Lithuanian(?) ESP that doesn’t even observe its own AUP

Somewhat unfortunately, my traps are in receipt of spam that was sent by Webcore, aka, to a purchased list, one that contains addresses of natural persons, and outdated and erroneous personal data. So their own AUP doesn’t appear to apply to themselves, and hence is worth exactly the loo roll it was printed on.

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