Finnish Skijumping Federation / Soliciting contributions by spamming

Finnish Skijumping Federation is spamming, trying to suggest that sponsoring their activity would be tantamount to national community unpaid work (the name of the spam-advertised website,, translates to “national community unpaid work”). I reject the notion. To me, there is no sense of community unpaid work in the Finnish Skijumping Federation (Finnjumping ry, a sub-association of Suomen Hiihtoliitto, the Finnish Ski Federation) soliciting businesses for monetary donations.

The spam was sent by Oraakkeli Oy (www, biz reg) on behalf of Finnjumping ry (www, biz reg) through the resources of StreamSend, whose Acceptable Use Policy forbids the sending of UCE and whose Legal Agreements (item 5, specifically) prohibit the use of purchased lists.

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There’s a new player in town, Oraakkeli Oy (www, biz reg). They figure they’re doing something better than their competitors (that is, everybody in Finland spamming B2B lists completely indiscriminately) by spamming CEOs only. Their front page proudly says something about how they provide targeted B2B advertising and have a list of 35,944 CEOs from the 168,000 or so Finnish businesses in their list.  The customer whose pitch they’re touting to “CEOs” is (www, biz reg), an online retailer of printer inks.

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