Panic Marketing again

Panic Marketing, the subject of the now defunct SBL168245, have been lying low for a bit, but are active again. And were noticed by the right people.

Toshiba Finland: Contracting with known spammers to sell printing services to spamtraps

Toshiba Finland (www, biz reg) have contracted with the sorry spammers from Turku, Panic Marketing (www, biz reg, LinkedIn) to carry out a marketing campaign. Approximately 1.8 billion inboxes have already said “no” to this missive.

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FilmTown: Spamming Finnish businesses for “video rentals for Xmas”

Video Film Town Oy, d/b/a FilmTown (www, biz reg) is spamming Finnish businesses with “hints for biz Xmas presents”. Their partner in spam is Panic Marketing Oy (whose Sales Group Manager recently had a rather futile attempt at spam-apologist conversation with SendGrid…), with an address list that was purchased from Digimediatoimisto Haikuu.

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Nordic Business Forum 2013: Advertising the conference by spamming

In a recap of their last year’s efforts, Panic Marketing Oy is spamming again to advertise Nordic Business Forum 2013 (also available in English). Their efforts seem to have begun on November 15, 2012.
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CL-Yhtiöpalvelu: Renting temps to spamtraps

CL-Yhtiöpalvelu Oy (biz reg, www) is spamming to sell temps to spamtraps. Their partner in spam this time is Panic Marketing, who are unfortunately no stranger here. Their list is based on “Public sources on the Internet”, i.e. we’re spamming and we know it.

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Hälyx: Selling security to spamtraps

Something calling itself “Hälyx” is advertising business security services to spamtraps.  The message contains the admission that the source of the register they operate, which they decline to name as required by law, are “public address sources on the Internet”.

The spam service provider is Panic Marketing, no stranger to us here, unfortunately, who also operate the web bug in this message (“<img src=’<>’>).

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Panic Marketing: Harvesting personal information from the Internet to spam

Panic Marketing Oy (see biz reg), who are an old acquaintance here, are spamming natural persons whose addresses they confess to having harvested from “public sources on the Internet” with ads for cell phones and plans from Elisa, who used to be known as Helsinki Telephone Co. However, the sender and the beneficiary are not identified in the message. The apparent sender domain, which also hosts the unsub facility, is registered through Domains by Proxy. How much more can you fail?
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