OMICS Group: Advertising conferences to spamtraps

This post is Part 2 in a series of two. OMICS Group are not content to spam through an ESP; they’re also spamming under, a Domain by Proxy.

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(RESOLVED) OMICS Group: Asking spamtraps to submit papers

This spammer is an old acquaintance here. They’re still spamming through Benchmark, who haven’t reacted to the previous post. This one was brought to their attention in an abuse complaint as well. This post is Part 1 in a series of two; OMICS are using multiple channels to spam.

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WebmedCentral: Inviting eminent biomedical spamtraps to join their editorial board

WebmedCentral want spamtraps to join their editorial board because of [their] eminence in the biomedical field. Admittedly the spamtrap was a corresponding author in some rather minor articles published in a Finnish medical journal way, way back. It is clear the addresses this was sent to have been scraped from articles available via, or in this case, not even available but merely alluded to, on PubMed. Others writing well before me are not too convinced either.

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BioMedLib: Spamming scientists

BioMedLib (, are spamming scientists with invitations to sign up for their service. They are doing their own bulking from what appear to be “business grade” cable connections from various providers, with generic rDNS, in Virginia. The domains are registered via Yahoo! to Mir Siadaty, of 1112 Rustic Willow Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22911. The domain was only registered three-ish weeks ago. Something tells me signing up isn’t required for the “service” to continue.

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(RESOLVED) Pediatrics & Therapeutics: Soliciting spamtraps to submit papers

Pediatrics & Therapeutics, a scientific journal published by the OMICS Group, wants to solicit spamtraps to make submissions to the journal. The ESP is Benchmark.

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Aviva Systems Biology Corporation: spamming scientists

Aviva Systems Biology Corporation is spamming scientists, very professionally indeed from somebody’s personal domestic/residential-looking ADSL connection in San Diego. Perhaps Matt Landry’s as that’s his name in the Reply-To:? The abandoned ANAC satellite / Chinese phone numbers, the Chinese domain registrar, and the Chinese DNS in the domain registration of are rather telling.

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Abmart is spamming scientists whose addresses it has retrieved from articles available on PubMed. I’ve seen this spam in my own (positively ancient) traps as well as in mail reported to me by friendly scientists. There is no ESP; they’re using NetEase’s public webmail and’s public webmail to spam. Is this even mainsleaze spam anymore?

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GenScript: spamming scientists

GenScript, a leading biology CRO focusing exclusively on early drug discovery and development services is spamming scientists. The spamming domain is owned by “Company”, with a contact email address on Comcast’s public service, and redirects to GenScript’s own site if accessed through HTTP.

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Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP): Spamming scientists, outdated and erroneous addresses

SCIRP are spamming addresses obtained from scientific publications in PubMed. This particular one was seen at an address that was last used to submit a paper in the fall of 2000 and is part of the new spamtrap group. They’re doing their own bulking, no ESP involved here.

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LCGC: Spamming scientists from multiple locations

LCGC are not content to spam scientists from Advanstar, they’re also using the services of… Advanstar (

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