Proteogenix: outsdanting scientific spam… as always

It’s just a little over a year to the day that I first wrote about this spamming company and this spammer, and here she is again. No, she hasn’t been absent in the meantime, I just haven’t gotten around to making updates every time Proteogenix have spammed.

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OMICS Group: more spam

Spamming PubMed-originated addresses from, whose rDNS suggests a larger scale spam operation.

In the meantime, the true nature of the OMICS Group (i.e. a total fraud) has been revealed elsewhere.

International Conference on Materials Science and Manufacturing: Spamming scientists to please join them

I don’t know why today is a special day for Chinese scientific spam. But it seems to be. See previous post. The domains are registered to the same entities. The address source is, as before, “anything in PubMed goes”.  I don’t know whether I should just take their advice and unsubscirble.

(I’m really impressed that the copy-paste from Emacs, which looks all blank on my screen, actually includes the Chinese content. Now there’s probably a way to identify the spamtrap from there…)

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International Journal of Advance in Medical Science: Hey, we’re just starting up and we figured we’d spam you.

A new publication from the Science and Engineering Publishing Company, the International Journal of Advance in Medical Science is about to be started.  They don’t even know who will be its EIC and what the ISSN numbers are (all TBD on their website).  Nonetheless, even though they don’t half exist yet, they figured they’d spread the good news by spamming. There is no indication of address source, but my wild guess is “anybody who’s ever published anything that is available through PubMed goes”, no matter how old it may be.  The sending domain is registered via a Chinese registrar to a Chinese registrant, the spam-advertised domain likewise, the sending IP is in China, but the Science and Engineering Publishing Company claims to reside at 7800 State Road 46 E, PO Box 551, Riley, Indiana, 47871, United States.
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Advanstar: When in doubt, diversify

Not that it’s very useful. Yesmail is still just as Yesmail as before.

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Cellectis SA: Still spamming scientists

Cellectis SA, an old acquaintance on this site, continues to spam scientists, which is not altogether very surprising given EmailVision’s rather lackluster response the last time around. We hear there’s a new guy in town (manning abuse@, that is), so let’s see.

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Mettler Toledo: Spamming scientists

Mettler Toledo, a global provider of precision instruments and weighing equipment, wishes to reach out to scientists whose addresses they must have harvested from scientific articles available via PubMed. The ESP is Eloqua.
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VisiScience: Spamming scientists from the cloud

VisiScience is spamming addresses harvested from PubMed. Their service provider is the Amazon cloud.

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Advanstar: Adding new IP ranges for spamming

This has to do with a spammer we already know (see previous posts 1 and 2). They’ve added another IP range. Meanwhile, the spam from the two previously identified ranges is continuing as well.

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Life Technologies: Selling lab equipment by spamming

Life Technologies Corporation is spamming addresses found on PubMed. The ESP is ExactTarget.
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