Pacific Lodging Supply: Selling Pool Supplies to Spamtraps

Pacific Lodging Supply, a California-based company that sells hospitality supplies to hotels and motels, is sending bulk email to two spamtraps. Neither of these spamtraps has previously received email from this company, so in the absence of two typoed email addresses (unlikely), I think that they probably purchased a list. The sending ESP is IContact.

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RealAge: Telling Spamtraps How Old They Really Are

Health assessment web site RealAge just set a number of bulk email advertisements to spamtrap addresses yesterday. The spamtraps might have been legitimate email addresses at one time, but none were live after 2008. The ESP is Yesmail, a subsidiary of Infogroup.

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Necco: Offering Sweet Things to Spamtraps

Vintage U.S. candy maker Necco® set bulk email advertisements to two spamtrap addresses in the past 36 hours. The spamtraps might have been legitimate email addresses at one time, but not after 2005. Despite this, the email claims that these email addresses “recently registered with a network site to receive special online offers.” This is not true for any reasonable definition of “recent”. The ESP is Yesmail, a subsidiary of Infogroup.

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They’re BA-ACK: “Federal Buyer’s Guide” Spammers

The old Military Industrial Buyer’s Guide spammers that I blogged about back in November 2011 are back under new domains ( and and slightly modified name (Federal Buyer’s Guide). Their ESP is still SendGrid.

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Pixel Designz: Advertising Web Design Services to a Purchased List?

Pixel Designz, a custom web site design firm, is sending email advertisements to two spamtraps, neither of which has been live since before 2006. Neither spamtrap has received email from this company since exiting their timeout period and being turned into spamtraps. Since the domain was created in 2010, neither of these email addresses could have subscribed to this company’s list when they were live. The only explanations I can come up with for this are two separate typoed email addresses (not likely) or a purchased list. The ESP is Sendgrid.

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Argyle Executive Forum bought a list

Oh come on guys. Really? What made me laugh was the inability of this “Chief Marketing Officer Membership” to not segment and target me properly. Shouldn’t marketers know how to target? I am NOT a CMO, nor have I ever played one, and I’ve never told anyone I work in a marketing department.

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DPJ Suomi Oy: B2B spamming

DPJ Suomi Oy ( wants to sell office furniture by spamming. The ESP is the Swedish, whose terms of service permit opt-out spamming wherever it is legal (Item 6).

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Residential real-estate listing portal just sent a number of bulk advertising emails to spamtraps at different domains. None of these spamtraps was active after 2008, and all were in timeout for at least twelve consecutive months. The number of spamtraps pretty much rules out the possiblity of typoed web form subscriptions. Either emailed a list that has not been contacted for years, or they purchased a list. (This is the first email that I have seen from them to any spamtrap.) The ESP is E-Dialog.

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UKangaroo Marketing: Selling Marketing Services to a BUNCH of Spamtraps :(

UKangaroo Marketing, an search engine and social media marketing company, sent bulk email advertisements for their services to a number of spamtraps last night. Some of these spamtraps are pure spamtraps; they never existed at all. This company appears to have spammed a purchased list; with this number of spamtrap hits, other explanations are simply too implausible. The ESP is Sendgrid.

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Carbon Central UK: Soliciting Spamtraps to Trade in Carbon Credits

Carbon Central UK, an online marketplace for trading in carbon credits, sent bulk email to a number of my spamtraps last night. None of the spamtraps had previously received email from this entity. The ESP is Emailvision.

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