HP Photosharing Service Snapfish Are The Picture of Spammy, via Responsys

Received: from om-snapfish-email.rsys1.com (om-snapfish-email.rsys1.com []) by mail1.iecc.com ([]) with ESMTP via TCP port 52839/25 id 528707038; 13 Dec 2012 hh:mm:ss -xxxx


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Symantec Corporation: Advertising Ghost to …ghosts, er, spamtraps

Symantec are advertising Ghost Solution Suite to outdated contacts of theirs and thereby continue to demonstrate their lack of respect for the recipient’s opt-out. Now there’s nothing spectacular about senders not removing bounces, but Symantec have been informed of the domain having changed hands and hence their contacts being outdated in June 2011, and again in November 2011, over the phone, even, as well as their rep having been pointed to the earlier posts here.  The ESP is Responsys, as before, who have failed to note the issue in any way – I’m labeling this an ESP problem as well.

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