Nettex International Oy: Advertising to spamtraps

Nettex International Oy (www, biz reg), a wholesaler of perfumes and cosmetics, is advertising its wares and services to spamtraps. The ESP is Vipmailer, covered in the previous post.  Some addresses on their list constitute outdated and erroneous personal data (Personal Data Act, 9.2 §), and the message does not contain the necessary information on the personal data file used or its data controller (Personal Data Act, 25 §).

Given that Vipmailer sell targeted address lists, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a case of Nettex having purchased the use of the addresses from their service provider.

This has been going on at least since Q4/2012.

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Vipmailer, a bulk email service provided by “Vipmark T:mi” (according to the dom reg) (www, biz reg) has an internal consistency problem.

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